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Sarah Coggrave/ Bronwyn Platten ‘Untitled’ 2011

Untitled (2011) is a short film by Sarah Coggrave and Bronwyn Platten with camera work and editing by Insa Langhorst. The film documents an activity that the co-collaborators have jointly developed in response to a process that Bronwyn periodically engaged in as a child.  

The activity, which includes the mixing of a series of individually chosen materials can be done on one’s own or with others in an outdoor environment. Through the activity participants become immersed in the process and while doing this, have the opportunity to relate through the senses to the material properties involved  -  water, earth and food stuffs, as well to the ground beneath and the surrounding setting.

Sarah and Bronwyn suggest that the process offers a non-judgemental, playful and relaxing practice and also an opportunity to interact with and explore materials that may be challenging for those with issues regarding food and eating. Importantly, the activity offers a chance to be, to be absorbed by a process rather than focussed on an expectation to produce something.





Conception: Sarah Coggrave and Bronwyn Platten for Mouths and Meaning.


Camera work and Editing: Insa Langhorst http://www.insalanghorst.com