About Love About Love (detail)

About Love 1997

About Love was created while I was working with artist John Foubister for Community Bridging Services on the Building Art Project and associated exhibition Popular Windows. Working alongside artists with an intellectual disability, I recognised that people with an intellectual disability often dont get asked about their personal feelings or lives or have these recorded and communicated to others. Working creatively on the art project was a way to communicate and also to express individual identity. 

About Love brought together my own fascination with speech and the poetics of language as connected to bodily experience and desire with the voices of a number of people with whom I worked.  I asked everyone simply to talk to me about love. Their voices which accompany the coloured silicone rubber casts of tongues is a soundscape produced by Mike Ladd and Stewart Hall. A later version of About Love was also produced by Mike Ladd for the Listening Room, ABC National Radio, 2000.


Voices: Peter Burge, Ben Farewell, Bronwyn Fuss, Kevin Gardener, Ray Guymer, Alice McTye, Neil Morris and Amanda Petter

Soundscape: Bronwyn Platten

Production: Mike Ladd and Stewart Hall, ABC Audio Arts

Financial Assistance for The Building Art Project: Australia Council for the Arts,  Arts SA, Community Bridging Services and SPARC